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London is Off Licence zine, front page.

London is off Licence

Zine about the life of an unknown character that moves from Barcelona to London thinking London needs them. They go wild and naked around London. They have long hair and in action scenarios are always peeing and leaking milk from their breasts, whatever happens.

Self portrait headshot


This collection of drawings talks about me but even more importantly this is a description of people today.

When I hear horrendous commentaries my face mutates into something. It’s like having spontaneous plastic surgery.

Calendario 2020 del Club de Lectura en Español de Feminist Library

Here you go the new calendar 2020 from the Spanish Book Club at the Feminist Library. I have made my contribution with two drawings for April and December. We are selling them for £10 each and all profit will go to the library and the club.

Este es el calendario 2020 del Club de Lectura en Español de la Feminist Library. Hice dos dibujos para los meses de abril y diciembre. Los estamos vendiendo a 10 libras cada uno. Todos los benificios irán para la librería y el club de lectura



The London Spanish Book and Zine Fest

De la mano del Club de Lectura en Espanol de The Feminist Library presentare mi nuevo fanzine ‘Ayer fui al bosque y me encontre un monton de piedras preciosas y algunos de mis dibujos.

Having the support of the Spanish Book Club from The Feminist Library I will launch my new zine ‘Yesterday I went to the forest and found a lot of gems and some of my new drawings.



Zine Fest at DIY for London

It was great to come back to DIY for London few weeks ago and meet old friends. Make new ones. I brought some copies of my new zine printed very badly from my printer at home. It was my most DIY moment! On Monday the printer was so exhausted it couldn’t print CVs, nothing.